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About us!

CleanNGreen offers you All Natural cleaning products and soaps that reduce your carbon footprint and cause no harm to your health. Chemicals found in our daily soaps and cleaners often get washed down the drain and pollute water systems. Most cleaning products on the market contributed to this problem. All our products are carefully formulated with our customers in mind so that you can maintain a clean and fresh home while keeping your family and the environment unharmed.

The idea started with two moms, who were concerned about how their household cleaning products impacted the planet and their family’s well being. So, came the idea of making their own cleaners that were completely healthy and safe for their families to use. After months of formulating, consulting, and perfecting the products, and with the great results they were able to achieve, they decided to share their creation with everyone.

Though we cannot fully eliminate chemical pollution, you can help us be part of the solution!

CleanNGreen located in Ontario, Canada; and we would be more than happy to answer any question, you always  can reach us at sales@cleanngreen.ca